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Monday, 26 September 2011


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Yet people voted for them. We bring it on ourselves - or at least some of us do.

Well, be fair, AK, they only 'flipped' their houses three times!

I'm always surprised when I hear him speaking. (As on the radio this morning). A light, boyish and engaging tone. Totally at odds with his appearance, as he always looks like a grumpy sod. Growing up with his surname, I guess he had to appear like a hard case from a distance, yet be ready to switch to self-deprecating humour once challenged by bigger boys. A short step from saying "Yes, my name really is a load of bollox, ha, ha!" to admitting "Yes, we royally screwed the country".

Yes, I can see that his name must have been a burden, and I don't object to him being a poisonous toad if only he would direct his venom for the good of the country instead of his own advancement. Also, it has to be noted for the file that he is the perfect example of a man who is very 'clever' but also completely stupid. Odd how the word 'clever' is not quite praise in the English language. I bet the French love it, though!

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