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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


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Never heard of Anna Netrebko?

But my dear fellow, whatever have you been doing all these years.

Oh, oh....excuse me; I come over all faint just thinking about her.

Peter, I share your, er, well, you know ... whatever! She is hot, as a singer, I mean.

A friend much given to this singing lark tells me that Netrebko and Villazon have been world famous, and deservedly so, for years and that I am a pig-ignorant, know-nothing and that I should extract my head from the Complete Works of Shakespeare and there-by get a life! With friends like that etc, etc!

Anyway, I'm embarrassed - again!

"Not being an opera buff I had never heard of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown but to my untrained ear they sounded as superb as the old master, Domingo, himself."

Oh come now David, the "Memsahib" isn't about to fall for that malarky too much longer - It's time to re-arrange the bachporch lawnloungers!

(Yes I realize it Memsahib - but without my bickering from over here, how're we ever gonna collect on the policy?)

JK, once again I am lost in the subtleties of your prose!
Just take a look at the photo I have added!

He's NOT Australian.

Ah, Andra, you can take the man out of Australia but you can never take Australia out of the man!

(Glad to hear from you, your sudden silences are un-nerving!)

I've been sulking but I've forgotten why so I came back.

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