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Friday, 16 September 2011


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"...George, this time by the name of Brown..."

I think you've got seriously mixed up here.

The one who wouldn't let Bliar force us into the Euro was the otherwise unspeakable Gordon Brown.

George Brown was an old soak who was for a while a member of Wislon's cabinet back in the 70's.

Thanks, Andrew, duly corrected but this is the second time in recent months that I have confused the pair of them. Oh dear, senility approaches!

Thank Soros? Nosiree!

As this abstract attests in 1998 Soros suggested that the UK should dump the pound and adopt the euro.

BTW it wasn't difficult to make a bit speculating against the pound in 1992. F*** me, even Mrs U (admittedly the daughter of a well-known, but now deceased, economist) opted to ignore her bank manager's advice and risked part of her savings to buy a sh*t-load of dollars just as the idiots in charge splurged billions failing to keep sterling in the ERM. Mrs U's profit paid for our annual holiday for the succeeding 10 or so years.

I have no doubts, 'Bongers', the man is an A1 shit of the first order but, whatever his motivation, he did us all an enormous favour.

As for your wife, she joins my pantheon of heroes and heroines - Gawd bless 'er!

Agreed, Soros did us an inadvertent favour. As for Brown, as you imply, the same applies. Had Blair wanted not to adopt the euro, Brown would have moved heaven and earth to dump the pound. As to Mrs U, she didn't tell me what she was doing (women are sooo independent these days!). She says that it was, after all, her money and, more to the point and probably correctly, I would only have have tried to dissuade her. Gawd bless 'er indeed.

Well, at least you enjoyed a few good holidays out of it!

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