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Thursday, 22 September 2011


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"...servants in parsing as exactly as they can ...": I'm sad to see that you've adopted this common American misuse of the verb "to parse".

Oh God, not the tawse - again!

Actually, Headmaster, before I hold out my hand, I have just checked on 'parse' in my OED:

"resolve (a sentence) into its component parts and describe their syntactic roles."

'Syntax' is defined as:

"the arrangement of words and phrases to create well formed sentences in a language."

Yes, sir, please, sir, that's exactly what I meant by 'parse' in the context of my essay and I'm sticking to it even if it earns me two extra lashes!

Ah ha!

Comes the lurking masochist I somehow suspected dwelt within the heart of the mild-mannered Duffster.

DM - stop lashing him.

He enjoys it far too much.

Wait 'til I tell the memsahib!!

Sorry, Andra, my pain threshhold lies at the minus end of the scale!

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