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Monday, 19 September 2011


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"he might spend some time at Her Majesty's pleasure"

Oh I do hope so - it would bring so much happiness to so many people in these dark and difficult times.

I know, AK, there is nothing to match a nice dollop of schadenfreude particularly when it's someone you really loathe!

"I wouldn't wish to be caught between these two formidable ladies because somehow I don't think it would quite come up to my expectations."

Have to agree with you after looking at the photo - I don't think it would come up either.

I wonder - has Mr. Huhne ever visited Spec-Savers?

I'm puzzled as to why an obvious alpha male like Chris couldn't get himself a proper lesbian, like the ones in the videos. If he could solve the problems of peak oil without upsetting the windfarm nimbies, the grateful nation would present him with a matching pair.

Oh, JK, you're so unromantic - where the heart leads the, er, rest follows, er, as it were . . .

Possibly, Whyaxye, but a pair of what, exactly? No, don't tell me!

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