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Monday, 31 October 2011


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Wonderful stuff - first laugh of the day!

I love the line

"Who I am doesn't matter until I make a claim."

I'm going to try it with my insurance company.

"don't tell me this pig-ignorant moron is actually a teacher!"

Sounds like it - oh dear. And of course he was making a claim - on your time and courtesy.

He obviously thinks he's very educated and will have a pathetic certificate of ignorance and obedient incompetence to prove it.

Our new elite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You couldn't make him up!

Perhaps it was someone you once directed in a play...

Brian, greetings, good to hear from you! No, no, all my actors were perfect gentlemen and I never needed to swear at any of them, er, did I? Hope you're well.

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