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Sunday, 16 October 2011


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The method of getting your way against a Papist Prelate is probably to mention the possibility of a government enquiry all right: but not necessarily an enquiry into matters educational. Know wot I mean?

You mean like, "Evenin', your Grace, is that nipper yours?" that sort of thing, perhaps?

I also quite like him, like when he pointed out to several schools that if you are going to expose the cheeeldren to PLO propaganda, the law says you have to show them the other side as well. They didn't like that.

Answer, Came There None

Classic! Well spotted, 'Felix'!

And may I take this opportunity to urge my reader to visit 'Felix' (he's shy so he always calls himself 'Pavlov's cat') at his home:

Note to self: Must try and remember how to add a link to my side bar!

"Evenin', your Grace, is that nipper yours?"

How sweetly old-fashioned of you, Duffers.

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