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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


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The are probably slightly less stupid than they used to be. Cranmer points out

that there were twice as many rebels as constituted John Major's set of "Bastards". Some tiny gleam of light for us, maybe, and more despondency for him.

Look out for a change to selection procedures in the stupid party as they try to ensure that from now on they only recruit genuine lobby-fodder.

"the Tories are 'the Stupid Party'."

Trouble is we don't have a clever one to replace them.

'W', thanks for the link to 'Cranmer', it looks like a good site.

AK, perhaps it's time for me and you to step up to the plate. I'm sure we can find a place for DM in the Min of Something-or-Other, Education, probably, because he's always correcting me; and 'W' can be my chief whip. JK, irrespective of being American, can be our Foreign Minister because no-one will understand a word he says, and finally, of course, Andra will be our Minister for Women's Affairs (no, no, Andra, not those sort of affairs!) Ortega can be Minister for European matters with the main job of soothing down that temperamental little Frenchman; and I will make Hank the Archbishop of Canterbury. How's that?

Well, it can't be worse than this lot we've got at present!

"'W' can be my chief whip"

I might give you shoulder-massages in return for political position, but if you insist on any dodgy stuff I will be reporting you to Max Mosley forthwith.

Oh God, don't mention my shoulders, they're still giving me hell! When you suffer pain it makes you wonder how or why Mosley paid (over the odds, probably) for it. He could have all mine for nothing!

Well, thank you, I think.
I don't want to live in England though.
Will that be a problem?

PS: Is there any money in this rort?, sinecure .... er position. (honour?)


I don't know. Look at what happened to Thomas a Becket when he tried to do the job right.

I could make you Dame Andra if that helps.

Don't worry about it, Hank, you're from Chicago so you can bring the gang along!

Yes, yes, yes.
Should I curtsey?

Only if you can do better than your PM managed a few days ago - so not too difficult, then!

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