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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


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This is the most tersely persuasive account of our current government that I have read so far. There is no great cause for optimism, is there?

I think, however, that it is a bit premature to refer to Dave as "dead man walking". Or maybe it is possible for our political parties to be piloted for years with a corpse's hand lashed to the tiller.

Problem is, the political class don't see the world the way us (relatively) sane folk do. They combine a desire for power with a capacity for self-deception which is truly pathological. All the signs of imminent disaster are ignored, or dismissed as "challenges" to be overcome. And of course everything bad is someone else's fault. Cameron will keep blaming his Labour predecessors for structural problems inherited. His followers will pretend to believe him because they know there is literally no alternative that would allow them to keep their jobs.

Meanwhile, your post reminds me of one of those Mediaeval depictions of the body after death; a beautifully executed observation of something very nasty indeed...

Google Chrome is better, apparently.

Than what I'm not quite sure but my IT person, who is 7 feet tall has hundreds of children and is called Phil, gave it to me a couple of years ago.

'W', well I will return the compliment and tell you that your comment was a "tersely persuasive account" of the political class as a whole. As you say, they allow themselves to bundled into the cacoon and then swept along on a tide of self-importance. Oh, how I yearn for the days of Sir Edward Grey, a Foreign Secretary who never went abroad and who, at every chance, left London and went north to his country home to do some bird-watching.

Alas, Andra, I am under-whelmed by Chrome, it may not last.

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