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Sunday, 09 October 2011


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There is a superb old paperback giving an account of the development of quantum mechanics that will appeal to the intelligent schoolboy - and perhaps you, Duffers. "The Strange Story of the Quantum" by Banesh Hoffman. Wonderful name, wonderful book.

P.S. That assemblage in the photo was the finest collection of physicists ever gathered since Sir Isaac drank his last, lonely cocoa before bed.

"intelligent schoolboy"? My teachers never thought so! I will look out for that book, thanks, DM.

Well, I can cheerfully say that I don't understand it either.
When can I pick up my Nobel prize (and the cheque)?

"Of the 29 pictured, 18 won Nobel prizes, Curie in both physics and chemistry"

Even at these stratospheric levels, it appears that women can multi-task whereas men cannot.

Andra, as we used to say in the second-hand car trade 'the cheque's in the post - honest!'!

Well spotted, W, but somehow the phrase 'multi-tasking' at that level seems so mundane.

Lovely. When I receive the cheque I'll take you and the missus to lunch at La Lucciola in Bali.
It's lovely to sit and watch the sunset over the sea, with a Bintang or two.
The sun sets in the west there, you know.

But ... but ... it can't, 'cos you're in the east and as 'seen' from here your sun sets in the east. I'm sure that what old Albert taught me! It's relative, innit?

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