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Sunday, 30 October 2011


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Many thanks for this, Ortega. As one who has given up on TV, I suppose I will never see "The Killing", but nevertheless I greatly enjoyed your critical review. Let us know if you have your own blog in English.

And thanks, of course, to DD, for allowing Ortega the space.

So you were serious and you did it! What a brave man you are, risking the usual visitors to desert the place after founding that Manuel from Fawlty Towers is now blogging here! Well, to tell you the truth, after your editing work my text was mostly understandable and even sounded like english.
I must really thank you for letting me participate here. I can add now to my CV: 'D&N regular collaborator', with the usual exageration expected in that cases. I will be bragging about it for some time, until all my friends get tired of hearing about it.
It has been a real pleasure, since it made me think about the series all over again. I know it was a very particular view, mostly about how it made me feel, but trying to make a technical review would have been even worse.
Now I am waiting to watch season 2 and read your views on that. Have you seen the american remake? When chanel 4 gives it a rerun I will give it a try.
Good luck and thanks again.


Thanks for yor words. Even if you don't watch tv, a very clever thing to do, from time to time I find something that it is worthwhile looking at. Nowadays, strange as it may seem, usually it is some of the series.

Ortega, it was a fascinating exercise to 'edit' your piece, not much needed changing but it was interesting to try and find the odd English word that I hope expressed your thoughts clearly and accurately. In a somewhat similar context, I have often had to do the same thing to poor old Shakespeare (my God, how that man has suffered!) when I directed his plays because some of the language is now very outdated and/or has changed its meaning.

I tried the American version but it simply did not grip. It was a worthy effort but in that mysterious way in which you prefer one girl to another at a party without quite knowing why, so I just loved the way the Danish police girl at first repelled me and then attracted me. It didn't happen with the American girl.

I think I might offer guest posts to some of my regulars on an occasional basis. I seem to have attracted a sharp, witty bunchof followers and perhaps they might be interested in having a go. Anyway, well done and I hope you will do it again. For example, I'mnot sure whether you live in Spain at the moment but I wouldbe interested in a post sometime on how the Spanish view the current Euro disaster. Think about it and let me know.

Yes, just what I thoght: old Will and me, we are on the same league. I know what you mean, but you are to nice with me. I can see how bad my english is because it even sounds bad to me. You did a very good job with it and I am truly thankful.

Economics is not my forte, but I will try to sum up that sad history for you. As a matter of fact, we (yes, I live in Spain) have better numbers than the UK but, unfortunately, we have the problem of being a UE member, so we are trapped. About the european crisis I've left you a good resume with another comment above.

After reading your comment, I'll pass on the american remake and wait for the second season.

Well, I think it's worth watching the first few episodes, Ortega, because if I had never seen the Danish one I would have thought it very good.

Your English is very good but you have reached that difficult stage where no English friend or aquaintance will correct the small details because you can be understood perfectly well. Rather like my son's partner who is Czech and has lived in this country for about 10 years but her English never quite gets beyond the level she has reached. Never mind, if you send me the occasional 'guest post' I will edit it and perhaps you will pick up a few of tiny corrections. Perhaps a post on why Spain is stealing back all its brilliant Spanish footballers from the Premier League? Just joking!

Might want to re-allow that "Captcha Thingie" David - tho I figger we reg'lar D&Ns are doggoned nearly... erm my Hungarian Dwarf lingo perbly ain't good as your'n.

Anyways - I entered a US Military DoD number to pay for the above linked stuff. Guess what happened.

Nope. I didn't get to watch guys in them skinny pants ya'll Brits're fond of - I got re-directed to the FBI.

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