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Saturday, 29 October 2011


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"Yes, you can guess who always loses that one!"

Me too - no contest!

I do wonder about Dim Dave. I'm sure Blair would have lumbered somebody else with this one. Surely Dim Dave was watching and taking notes?

Serves you right for having central heating in our benign climate, you great jessie.

Pay no attention, AK, he's a Jock and it's an indication of their intelligence that they actually choose to wear skirts in a freezing country!

At least the owners keep paying me to drive the 100 miles "nawth" to reset their mechanical astronomical clock so the parking lot lights illuminate "on time." Get paid for the drive back south too.

(Sshhh, quiet there - I haven't advised them there's a cumputer clock thingy that'd save 'em the cost for me in three years time.)

Give's me the opportunity to visit with old chums from yesteryear - on the owner's dime.

Call me Mr. Cynical, JK, but the owner of the clock wouldn't be one of your old girl friends from way back who sends you an e-mail twice a year saying 'come and ring my chimes, big boy'! Well, I know what you sailors are like!

Not in this case. I may've mentioned at some point I used to be in the electrical construction bidness? I wasn't particularly one of the "tool carryers" I mainly sat in an office directing people who actually did stuff. Gave me "some time" to read - the clock in discussion had something in common with rescuing the Euro. Oddly the clock had been acquired from a German manufacturer.

Took awhile but somehow I got it switching the parking lot lights of a shopping center on and off in accord with the periods of darkness - what became of the instruction manual I've no clue.

Get up whenever you like, retired aren't you?

Why does it matter what the clock says?

Andrew, my dear chap, 'get up when I like'! Haven't I told you? - you must be the only one - that I go swimming in the mornings - six mornings a week - at 7.00 am - on the dot - come rain or snow? Proper goodie-two-shoes, I am! (Or smug, boastful bastard, I suppose!)

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