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Monday, 17 October 2011


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Melanie Philips sticks the boot in very nicely in her blog and the Daily Mail. Apparently Huhne is not keen on the exploitation of oil-bearing shale, of which we have huge deposits which could make an appreciable difference to energy supply. The reason? This would undermine the market for his windmills and suchlike. Much better to plough on with an ideological commitment and ignore the economic reality.

Poor blighters like us are struggling to keep our children warm, whereas Huhne is oblivious to our problems. He probably thinks that all of us can afford a nice big lesbian we can snuggle up to.

I can't believe that Liam Fox has been pushed to resign, and this utter cretin hasn't...

Yes, 'W', I seem to have read several pieces recently extolling the virtues of shale energy. Needless to say, the likes of Huhne have invested themselves so heavily into this global-warming-Greenery crap there is now no path out.

Alas, Julia, if dribbling cretinism was cause enough for resignation who would we have left in the cabinet?

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