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Sunday, 30 October 2011


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It should be interesting, although I tend not to be impressed by these high-flying academics. They seem to take simple ideas, coat them with layer after layer of academic language cook them on a low heat for a year or so then issue them as an entirely new dish for our delectation and delight.

We mortals end up picking off the layers until we find a simple idea buried deep inside and we've been familiar with it for years anyway.

Dawkins will probably relish this, given his showboating and avarice. Remember his plans to teach at the expensive private "New College of the Humanities" along with Grayling, Pinker, Ferguson, et al?

He is often stupidly maladroit in such situations, however. Witness the recent debacle over the William Lane Craig debate; and his total misreading of the sensibilities of his young acolytes. Apparently he expressed the (entirely reasonable) view that being clumsily chatted up was not the worst thing that could happen to a young woman. Of course, the feminists went absolutely mental...


"Who listens to you" David? Well, whenever I need to know... hold on.

What's that Emmy Jo? Regis Philbin's on Channel 2?

Be back quick as I can David.

My dear daughter used to be a fan of Dawkins, being impressed by one of his early books. So she once tootled along to hear the great man and his missus hold forth. Thumbs down!

Mark you, she had by then settled on Aristotle as a Good Thing. That's hot competition.

'W', thank you for the link which has now provoked a new post from me, see above.

'AK', more on Dawkins above.

'JK', you will write a hundred lines explaining who Regis Philbin is!

'DM', you daughter had the excuse of youth. I had none. I read the wretched man and swallowed him, hook, line and sinker. However, this internet-thingie begin to sow seeds of doubt and the admirable David Stove did the rest.

How's 'bout one video?

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