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Saturday, 19 November 2011


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Neither, really. His speech was effective, because he tells it as it is, and is genuinely impassioned. But it only stands out because it takes place in the passionless vacuum of Europe. It will please a lot of people - it even pleases me! - but I wouldn't compare him with Churchill.

At this stage I don't think it matters. What he says needs saying and few seem prepared to do so - we should be grateful. Maybe if he ever joins the limo brigade, we'll see a different side, but I'm not sure he ever will.

It depends on that irritatingly unknowable future! Should things take a very severe turn for the worst then the chances of a current fringe party doing well is at least possible, and UKIP is one of them. Hitherto they have always struck me a bunch of amateurs but even so, they need watching, I think.

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