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Friday, 18 November 2011


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Blimey! You do know that the lyrics deal with particularly risque activities that the elderly are normally unfamiliar with?

On second thoughts, I would be surprised if you were older than Lou Reed.

And on third thoughts, you used to be a para, so have probably known some rather strange comrades in your time!

Jesus, Mary and all the saints: David Duff meets Lou Reed? And enjoys himself?

For once, I am speechless.

I think Mr. Reed was suitably impressed as well, Mrs 'A', and as for you being speechless, well, one must thank the Lord for small mercies!

Just teasing, you're always welcome at D&N.

How quaint.

Actually going into a record shop and buying a record.

I'm an old fogey of 53 but I can't remember when I last did that.

But I do remember the release of Transformer in 1972.

'W', sorry, I was so excited by Mrs'A's appearence I forgot you! Yes, being a bit deaf in one ear it took me a while to pick up on some of the 'lyrics'. Personally I was shocked, shocked, I tell you, but the 'Memsahib' told me turn up the sound - I worry about her sometimes! And "strange comrades" doesn't tell the half of it.

Ed, welcome to D&N, and you're quite right, of course, it is only the inexorable changes of technologies that forces me change with them but, my God, I put up a stiff resistance. It stems from my almost terminal lethargy!

If you really want to make the memsahib happy, get her a Lou RAWLS CD.
She'll instantly become putty in your hands, er, or something sappy like that.

You want to try some of that marryjuana next, Duffer.

(Gosh, I feel somehow vulgar and brutish coming over here to traipse about on an elderly man's blog, particulaly one who is sensitive enough to enjoy 'Perfect Day'. You did enjoy 'Perfect Day', didn't you?)

To be honest, Andra, I treated your recommendation with all the suspicion of a squaddie coming across a tin can in an Afghani street, knowing the Australian sense of humour to be esoteric, shall we say? But I checked him on Wiki, and lo, the 'King' himself gave him a big bow - that's 'King' Sinatra, of course, than which etc, etc. So I will try him out and let you know exactly how putty-like the 'Memsahib' becomes - Ding-Dong!

Vicki, what's this, an invasion from Barnet? First, Mrs 'A', then you! Anyway, what's this "marryjuana" stuff, is it anything like a Wills Woodbine? I used to enjoy those. The 'Memsahib' reckoned that 'Perfect Day' was used in an advert but she couldn't remember which - do let me know if you know and I can come over all superior - for once! Yes, I quite liked it but 'Walk on the Wild Side' is 'numero uno' for me.

To my other readers who might have strayed down here, Vicki's blog is an excellent read. She has no desire to improve the universe, unlike some of her more dreamier comrades, she just wants to make Barnet in 'Norf' London a bit better. She sinks her teeth into her local council, a practice always to be encouraged, even if her 'cures' are likely to be worse than the existing ills. She provides an insight into the world of the decent middle-class activist attempting to bring about a 'working-class' nirvana. It's very easy to sneer at it - and I do - but even so, I rather admire her. Visit her blog and you old curmudgeons who come here will see a whole new world!

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