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Saturday, 19 November 2011


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I'm not surprised by these figures at all. I work in the public sector, and it is still replete with useless spouters of bullshit, who make money from other people's taxes by the brilliant trick of merely talking up their own importance. The anxiety caused by all the talk of cuts is demotivating and paralysing ("Why bother to work hard if I'm not going to be here next year?") but massively outweighs any actual hardship. The government is a bit like a parent who threatens to send the kids to bed without their sweeties, but always caves in when the crying starts.

Please excuse the rancorous tone. Some nice people in HM Revenue and Customs have just told me that I owe them some £1700 that I thought was mine. Far better in my view to sack a few parasites and let me keep it....

"as everyone and his uncle knows"

That's the nub of it, isn't it? They seem to follow a narrative dreamed up by the girls and boys in the back office without a thought as to how unconvincing it might be. They seem genuinely unaware of how silly they sound.

'W', you have my profound sympathies. I still have nightmares over my last run in with HMRC. Fight the good fight!

AK, and also they are completely out of touch as Charles Moore points out here:

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