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Friday, 18 November 2011


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Almost makes me wish I had a TV.....

'W', you make me feel quite modern and, er, 'with it' (whatever 'it' is)!

A little nervous that this season and season 3 are both "only" 10 parters as I felt the last one got better towards the end but very much looking forward to this.

Is there a season 3?
Oh, God. Too much exciting news for one day.

Yes, Ben, that has me worried, too. The longevity of the first series and the slow development of plot and character was part of its attraction.

Ortega, it's series 2 for us 'over here'. Can you receive BBC4 'over there'? Hope so, it will take your mind off the Spanish elections and all the rest of it!

Yes, I see BBC (all channels) via Astra2. I know, I know, I do not pay a single cent of tv tax, so it's a nice present from you (shhh, please don't tell, just in case...). Only, the signal is not that good, so in rainy days, goodbye Sarah.
Bye the way, I bet on the same sweater. Did she even took once a shower during the 20 days?

Sarah taking a shower! Steady on, Ortega, you could get me over-excited!

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