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Monday, 21 November 2011


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I thought the mortgage scheme was an excellent Tory idea, and would like to suggest another. If Conservative Campaign HQ read this blog (and I'm sure they do!) and pick up on it, then remember that you read it here first!

Why don't they spend billions of taxpayers' money starting up a big chain of supermarkets? A bit like Sainsbury's or Tesco, but they could call it something grey and governmental like "GovShop". This would stimulate the building industry and wholesalers, and create thousands of jobs for people working in the stores. Then (this is the really clever bit!!) they could keep their prices artificially low, subsidised of course by the taxpayer. That way, the other supermarkets would have to keep their prices low, and because the poor would not need as much money, savings could be made in benefits.

Alternatively, they could go into car production. Somewhere in the midlands would be sensible, and they could subsidise cheap shitty cars with taxpayers' money. They could call it something with "British" in the title...

Clever, or what?

'W', as my friends were wont to say to me after one of my performances, "Wonderful isn't the word, darling!"

Thinking back , I'm almost ashamed of selling those old second-hand Allegros and Marinas to the deaf, dumb, blind and those without a sense of smell!

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