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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


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Well "that" David was me speaking aloud the words, "wishful child molester."

Hard to believe you heard me from here!

My ears are everywhere, JK, and you are obviously no art-lover!

Don't worry about Frosty. He is getting on a bit and his eyesight and memory are not what they used to be. As for Fry, he has been tweeting like a canary that he saw you, and now he's kicking himself that he didn't have the bottle to introduce himself.

Well, if he'd a brought a bottle - especially in that place at those prices - he would have been very welcome!

Frost and Fry - sounds like a double act.

Sometimes I have been 'gobsmacked' at the incredible prices rich people pay for food (:

Yes, I know what you mean, AK, but just once or twice a year it's great to push the boat out, even just a little way whilst the Bank Manager isn't looking!

Well, your little Degas dancing girlie is lovely.

I am, as we speak, organising a raffle on your behalf.

I'm sure we'll raise enough to put in a very tempting offer.

Stand by.

Can't wait, Andra!

"I love her! I want her!"

Eek. Are these words one should use even about a statue of a fourteen-year-old girl, in these latter days?

I fear for your safety, old boy.

Andrew, behave yourself, you're getting as bad as JK up above!

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