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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


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My father warned me against thinking well of that fellow. He had a record of losing (almost?) every ship he skippered. He thought nothing of risking his men's lives to advance his career.

At least the absurd Captain Scott cost only a small party of men their lives: Mountbatten did it wholesale.

"...I bring all this to your attention because my favourite Irish commentator, Kevin Myers..."

Uhm, I seem to recall Kevin's a bred and born Brit.

I think, DM, it was 'Monty' who said of him something like, 'I here he's had a couple of destroyers sunk under him - fella' obviously doesn't understand war!'

English born, JK, but Irish bred and certainly Irish in spirit:

He might have been a stranger to truth, and yet not a monster. Or else, we'd all be monsters...

PS And a naval man who risks his men's lives is at least risking his own, unlike a general far from the front.

'H', I'm glad you added that rider because I meant to say that whatever else he was or did, Mountbatten served up the sharpest of sharp ends and won a DSO. For that he deserves a salute.

With his record, it might be unwise to take even a DSO at face value, Duffers.

Tut-tut, DM, you're a cynical fellow!

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