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Sunday, 06 November 2011


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"many people I know, and even more I don't know, detest America and often express it by saying that they hate Americans."

Weird isn't it? Nobody can meaningfully hate people they don't know, so it is clearly learned behaviour which says more about the UK than the USA. Not to our credit either.

I suspect that it is a world-wide phenomenom, AK, you just have to change the place names and the people concerned.

Interesting point about general and particular dislikes; and, by extension, about how some general descriptors have now become unusable.

How does the average pub team football player refer to that dangerous striker on the opposing team? "Mark that lanky bastard over there!"......."Get someone on that ginger fucker!"...."Fix that fat scouse twat!". All well and good. But what happens if he happens to be black? "Watch that black bastard!". Hmmmmm..... Only ever intended to be a descriptor, an identifying characteristic. But it could get you into a lot of trouble.

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