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Friday, 25 November 2011


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What a cage-rattler you are under that genial veneer!

I used to visit the site a while back, but found it a bit of a freaky hole to put it very mildly. I was amused by Jeff's brand of bluster though, particularly where he says "I will not even lower my dignity". I'm not sure he realises it's already reached the level of a rattlesnake's arse - probably not.

Good work (:

I've just spent twenty minutes looking at the thread. They love you, don't they!

I particularly like your brand of provocation mixed with cheery common sense. Does it owe anything to your time in the Paras? Or second-hand car sales? Carefully edited, this has all the makings of a short humorous book!

Bravo David, bravo.

Of course the thing to remember with a lot of these greenies, (that nice Sir David Attenborough - patron of the Optimum Population Trust - for instance), is that they hold humankind, (outside their own elite bubble), in contempt and would cheerfully preserve one polar bear at the cost of a billion humans.

So well done for taking the fight to them in such an unapolagetic way.

Thanks, Kevin, and of course as you will have realised, it was exactly that sort of extreme ideology over people that brought about the mass tragedies of the 20th century.

ALSO, PEOPLE, TAKE A LOOK AT KEVIN'S PHOTOS BY CLICKING ON HIS NAME/LINK! I have to be honest and say that I have never considered photography to be an 'art', using that over-shagged word at it's highest. Nevertheless, there are some absolutely superb images at Kevin's site, well worth a look and a browse.

'W', the great thing about making fun of fools is that it is so easy and also provides one with an entirely spurious air of wisdom! Love it!

David,that's not my site, but my sister's. She's the artist in the family whereas I'm the... er... not artist.

She really does suberb work, and if you like what you see, why not tell her on her review page. She'll really appreciate it and she could do with cheering up.


They're so easy to bait as well. Just keep giving them a little prod every now and then, then sit back and enjoy.

Your 'good news' didn't go down too well, the disappointment at another 'Biodiversity armageddon' fail was overwhelming. Jeff, as you've probably gathered, lives for the day it will come to pass, his career, such as it is, depends on it. Liked the phrasing of

"I'm just a little hurt that you failed to thank me for the good news on the missing mooses, or caribous, or whatever you call those great hairy things that have the temerity to shit all over Canada."

If the tar sands pipeline goes through, the Deltoids would quite quite happily join the 'mooses' - in shiting all over Canada that is - still, even that would be a step up from their normal social behaviour.



Ha ha ha!
Good one Duff.
You won't change their tiny minds, though. They will all die swearing the ice WILL melt at any minute now.

Kevin, I have done more than leave a comment at her site, Ihave posted on her wonderful gallery - see above.

GSW and Andra, glad you enjoyed the bear-baiting!

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