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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


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The little girl is delightful. A lovely balance of intent concentration and whimsy.

The other one I find a bit daft. But now I come to look more closely, it appears to be a depiction of the sort of picket-line I was expecting this morning! Socialist worker placard on the left, and the one second from the right has got flared trousers and an arse for a face...

The little girl is clearly an evil capitalist; you can see the dollar sign in her eye as she's dragging that poor bird to market to sell for slaughter.

The second picture seemed somewhat familiar, though I'm not a fan of Klee, or any painter later than Rembrandt really. At first I thought it might be a flashback to certain 'experimental' medicinal events in the seventies, but then I recognised Sylvester, third from the left, and figured it was down to my love of early Warner Bros cartoons watched at Saturday morning pictures.

Or perhaps both explanations pertain.

Can't quite see the resemblance, Kevin, but that's the thing with Klee, he hovers on the cusp between reality and the abstract and allows you to see what you want to see.

(Note to self: Must stop trying to sell Klee to every poor visitor who pops in here!)

I don't think that's a little girl. I think it's Abraham Lincoln with his Thanksgiving turkey, clearly on their way to the theatre. Turned out to be a bad move for everyone.

The second one is clearly a jazz band from outer space, or Australia. I think I recognise the bass player, although he appears to have grown a beard since I last saw him. Ah, what fun times we had!

Thanks, Andra, you started my morning with a chuckle.

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