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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


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As long as he doesn't have to do anything requiring some backbone Cameron will say anything that springs to mind. He has all the inner steel of a bathsponge.

When Mrs T was swinging her handbag in Europe in the 80s she was acting from policy based on clear principle. Any policy of Cameron's is based on the principle that whatever will get him a boost in the polls and, with any luck, get him reelected is good. Such "principle" could turn tomorrow into a massive cheque to the eurozone (paid for by you and me) plus an admission that (for purposes to be disclosed at a later date) the FTT will be signed up to by the boy-chancellor.

As an example of the fatal weakness of our rulers, Clegg has already stated that now is not the time to extract anything from the EU in return for British help. In other words, Cameron's partners are prepared to give away all our bargaining chips before the cards are even dealt: Clegg must be taking advice on negotiating tactics from the FO.

I'm not surprised by the hostility. Get the troops home and get 'em home now.

Thanks for the link, Bongers, which provides yet another proof that Clegg is both a fool and a knave!

I think you need a new best hero after your last one, Herman Cain, went down in a hail of fanny-fiddling accusations and brain-fog!

Is this the legendary "Curse of Duff" at work again, I wonder? ;-)


It certainly is and let me tell you that it is passed down in my genes!

If you sign up to a single currency, you either stay solvent or you lose your sovereignty. Not so very different from being on the gold standard, really.

Greece & co. have decided to sign away their sovereignty - for the moment - but what happens when (not if) they want it back?

For the historically minded, Egypt fell under British control because British (and French) bond holders demanded repayment and the local government was unable to oblige. Harsh measures were taken under the aegis of Lord Cromer (of the Baring family) to extract the necessary funds. Not coincidentally, Egypt is one of the former imperial possessions where the British were most disliked (in so far as it's possible to judge these things).

Have fun bearing the white man's burden, Frau Merkel.

"...policy of Cameron's is based on the principle that whatever will get him a boost in the polls and, with any luck, get him reelected is good."

Hard to believe this, actually.

If he wanted to get elected (last time) with a massive majority, all he had to do was show a bit of spine over the EU.

He didn't, so clearly that is NOT his priority.

Next time, of course, nobody will believe a word he says, so he's doomed.

Couldn't happen to a nicer fella.

But what hideous damage will he do to us in the meantime?

"what happens when (not if) they want it back?"

Ay, there's the rub, 'H'.

I suspect, Andrew, that 'Dave' thought that given 'Psycho Brown's shambles he was going to sweep into power without having to carry a heavy load of Tory baggage. Wrong then, and still wrong!

H and DD

Cameron's priority on becoming leader of the Conservatives was to rid the Conservative "brand" of the toxicity of being "nasty". This diagnosis of the reason for electoral failure resulted in treatment to dump the policies supported by and any potential MPs from the so-called right wing of the party (which comprised both the traditionalist and Thatcherite wings). This meant that a putative Cameroon administration would remain a fan of the EU and supportive of the euro not to mention all the other statist rubbish which Cameron believed would convince the electorate that here was a new, refreshed and "listening" Conservative Party.

Acccordingly he rode into the 2010 election at the head of a ragbag of liberal (in the US sense) and quasi-Blairite apparatchiks dragging behind them a reluctant wagon-train of genuinely conservative constituency workers. What happened? Against the worst administration since Lord Liverpool and, possibly, the worst PM ever, he failed to get a majority in the Commons. This is failure of galactic proportions.

Unlike H I consider that Cameron thought (and thinks) a constructive (rather than combative) reengagement with the EU was/is a vote-winner. Not only that, I predict a return from Berchtesgaden (or Berlin or wherever he's meeting Merkel) with another piece of paper ensuring peace not in our time but until next week but a sell-out all the same.

Christ, 'Bongers', it's being so cheerful keeps you so young! Can't fault your reasoning - unfortunately.


Blimey! You AND Mrs U have said the same thing to me within an hour of each other. She denies it but I fear you've been talking behind my back. So not only "cheerful" but paranoid.

Sound gal, that Mrs 'Bongers'!

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