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Sunday, 27 November 2011


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Not sure you are right about the army being the only alternative. We would probably have said that about the USSR, but instead there emerged an alliance of mafia-type criminals and ex-apparatchiks. If the worst happened, China might break up, but we would still get the markets destabilised by new multi-billionaires who all want a chunk of our economy.

Hope this keeps you nice and cheerful!

I agree with you about China. If any of us comes across a good China-watching blog, we should give it a plug. This link is seriously chilling.

The particular problem with China, 'W', is the disparate nature of its various ethnicities. In a way, it is no different from the so-called European Union which seeks to meld Scandinavians in with Mediterraneans. I agree that the possibility of China falling to gangsters, or 'warlords' as they used to call them, is very real but that would presage the break up of China as one entity - which has happened 'many a time and oft'. The only national organisation with the means and the power to hold it together is the army. However, I stress my lack of detailed knowledge of Chinese affairs.

Sorry, AK, our comments crossed. That site is now on my 'Favourites' list - thanks.

"America, too, is weakening but, provided they have the sense to vote in a free-market Republican next year, there is every chance that it will regain its original vigor."

Republicans will keep shooting themselves in the foot with the elitist 'ideal' of no compromise on a modest increase of tax on the rich a la Warren Buffet.

And "...every chance [America] will regain its original vigor" could not be believed by anyone who has a sense of the scope of our debt which is a cancer consuming the capital needed for a free-market.

Michael, welcome to D&N. I take your points although I think back to that old, ham-actor who everyone wrote off as a 'has-neen' but who, in the course of just a few years, turned America around. Come on, you Americans are supposed to be the positive people and us Europeans the gloomy cynics!

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