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Thursday, 24 November 2011


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Goodness me, these creeps don't deserve the dignified title of "technician" - they display nowhere near the standard of competence of the technicians I've worked with over the years. Come, come, Duffers: think again.

P.S. Your blog provider is obviously one of those prudish American providers whose committment to free speech is entirely notional.

Sorry, DM, no offence meant against technicians. Perhaps you could come up with a better word.

Mystified by your last sentence?

I think of them as bureaucrats. In my experience public-sector scientists are expected to turn into bureaucrats when promoted beyond daily bench work. It happens at quite a junior level.

Yes, 'bureaucrats', that's always a good insult.

"Mystified by your last sentence?"
My original comment started with something a little stronger than "Goodness me": indeed, it started with "Good" and went on to allude to the old, bearded fascist in the sky. Anyway, your software didn't like it. It reminded me of a recent comment of mine obstructed from an American site: I finally twigged that its objection was to "who're". I ask you!

I think "crooks" just about sums them up.

Good God, did it? Well,not this time, DM. Heh, that's computers for you!

Of course, "crooks", that's the word, thanks Bongers.

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