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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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Interesting stuff.

On the number of severe-weather deaths decreasing, I suppose that the earlier figures are a bit of a guess if they refer to the whole world, as the recording in the less developed bits would have been rudimentary to say the least. Very much a case of "Small earthquake in Chile. Not many dead"!

The dip in 1910-19 is interesting. Do you think it is due to the fact that we in Europe and America stopped counting and measuring deaths because we had more pressing concerns? Or maybe we killed off lots of portential weather victims before Mother Nature could get to them? Or maybe the celestial powers gave us an easy time, realising that we had punished ourselves enough.

Either way, if Anerica takes a whack at Iran, it might lead to us getting some better weather!

I suspect, 'W', that up to 1910 reporting was rudimentary and as you suggest, from 1910-20 other matters intruded! However, after 1920 with the spread of wireless telegraphy and then modern broadcasting a more realistic count was possible.

Anent climate, Duffers:-

OH MY GOD!!! At just a quick glance this is Climategate II. Terrific stuff! What a shower of rascals they are. Blogdom will be humming.

By the way, DM, you really are an education - again - because I had to look up "anent" in my trusty OED, although perhaps an OSD would be even better!

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