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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


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Even better twist is that to make the rain more visible to the camera a small proportion of milk was added, as this water was recycled over the two long hot days it soured so by the end was leaping and twirling in thousand of gallons of cheese soup...

Did you ever notice that Make 'em Laugh is just a rip-off of Cole Porter's Be A Clown? Note for note plagiarism.

If you liked Cabaret, you'll like "Chicago".

I wrote you a lovely note agreeing with you about "Singing in the Rain" and adding how wonderful "An American in Paris" is, also.

However, it appears to have vanished into the netherworld and I can't be bothered mentioning it again.

Obli, yes I read about that and I gather it made his suit shrink, as well!

Dom, yes, I knew about the, er, borrowing of Porter's song. I saw the London revival of Chigago with the gorgeous German actress/singer, Ute Lemper, who has legs up to her armpits and who failed to reply to any of the letters I sent her!

Andra, darling, I keep telling you, take more water with it!

Andra doesn't need more water. My comment disparaging Kelly vanished too.

Disparaging Kelly!!!!

Dammit, Sir, you deserve a 'vanishing', can't you recognise genius when you see it?

Anyway, DM, I, too, suffered a 'vanishing' when 95% of my post above on Jens Weidmann "vanished". However, it's an ill wind that fails to blow someone's hat off and being forced to retype the whole bloody thing, naturally I kept it much shorter. Er, it wasn't you who 'vanished' it, was it?

Kelly exudes insincerity.

Hmmn! Thinking about it, you have a point, DM, that perhaps Kelly was not the greatest actor in the world but, come on, his creativity in staging great dances sequences, some very complex and others delighfully simple, was at genius level.

Here's true genius:

If you need to refresh your memory.

"Singing in the Rain" watch and enjoy.
Hank’s Eclectic Meanderings

Thanks for that terrific clip, Dom, but your comment implies perhaps that Kelly wasn't up to Astaire's standard. I have no expertise in dancing - and my wife has the scars to prove it - but each, in my opinion, was the equal of the other. In any case, the world was just a tad better for having them.

Thanks, Hank, I really must get the hang of this YouTube lark.

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