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Sunday, 13 November 2011


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"Had he been at the helm of the Titanic, no doubt this worthy would have advised playing with a straight bat and steering a straight course": there is a school of thought that the Titanic's skipper's big mistake was to fail to do precisely that. If she'd hit head-on, she mihgt have survived because that's what she'd been designed to cope with. By stiking a glancing blow, she was ripped along much of her length and therefore the segregation by compartments didn't work.

Mind you, that has little to do with the weasels of the FO.

You're an education, DM, I never knew that.

Something very nasty happened at the Foreign Office in WW1. I don't know what it was but the effect was to turn the FO from acting in our interests vis a vis the rest of the world to acting in foreigners' interests vis a vis us. For instance, pre WW2, apart from a (very) few officials (eg Vansittart), the FO were appeasers to the core. Post WW2 the FO has been euroloony central and has based all its policy recommendations on the presumption that we become and remain part of the "project". The FO wanted (and AFAIAA still wants) to dump the Falklands and, on the FO's behalf, Carrington took the honourable lumps.

In most situations, the FO's sole negotiation tactic is to start out saying "yes" and then asking politely how much that will cost. It is useless; it is craven; it consistently betrays our national interest: sounds very much like the BBC.

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