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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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Hoover was a very clever chap - probably one of the cleverest to hold the office - with lots of valuable experience in and out of government: just what you'd think you wanted as President. He did have an unfortunate dirigiste streak, but nobody's perfect. As Pres he was a flop. That frivolous little crook FDR ran against him as the anti-dirigiste candidate!

By the time he left office Hoover was very unpopular and was subject to many death threats. He set off to return home to California by train, and FDR withdrew his security guards from him. What a shit FDR was.

A critical look at the prewar years by such an able and experienced hand could be fascinating - but less so if he kept adapting it to include his latest hindsight.

I really must try and find out more about him, DM. As for his 'adaptations', I gather from Bethell's review that these were made as and when memoires by the main actors were published after the war.

He had run the US relief efforts in Russia after (perhaps during) their Civil War, so he'd have had a pretty good idea what manner of men the Bolsheviks were.

P.S. I'm telling you what I know about him without checking on e.g. WKPD. If I'm wrong, I'll have learnt about the perils of half-remembered bits and bobs.

Well, he is by now a shadowy figure and of course one has to be wary with Wiki. Even so, he was obviously a man of learning and definitely one of experience so his views on WWII are probably worth reading.

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