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Thursday, 10 November 2011


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Talking of smug, I've just been visiting The Economist website where I came across "(This content is currently unavailable in Internet Explorer. Please view it in Firefox or Chrome instead.)" Could you persuade SoD to explain what that might be about? I mean, I know what it means but I don't understand the inwardness of it.

DM, I will seek confirmation of this from SoD but I think I know the answer. Like me and most of the world, you use Internet Explorer to, er, explore your way round the internet. However, others use Firefox or the relatively new Google Chrome. I know all this because I have been experiencing problems recently getting through to various sites, or even just changing pages within one site. The 14-year-old (well, that's what he looks like) expert I use suggested I try using Google Chrome but it made no difference and anyway I didn't like it as much as the old Explorer so I went back to it - at my age familiarity is all! Suddenly, a week later, all my problems disappeared and my computer now works perfectly. This flummoxed the expert - and me - but I suspect it was something to do with my Internet Service Supplier, Pipex, who have just been taken over by Talk-Talk. Even the thought of attempting a conversation with someone in Taiwan, or Bangladesh, put me off from ringing them and asking if they were fiddling about with the signal.

Anyway, it's very easy to click on Google and then onto their Chrome-thingie and you can continue to use Explorer for everything else. Mind you, do you really want to read the Economist that badly? Tedious magazine, I always think, and frequently wrong!

Thank you, Duffers.

As I tried to imply, I find the Economist insufferably smug.

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