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Thursday, 17 November 2011


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Yes, an excellent parallel with North Africa. It is possible that we will see the whole Med area plunged into greater poverty and instability. North Africans will be desperate to cross to Europe, and weakened states will not have the wherewithall to prevent them entering illegally. Cue inter-ethnic competition and religious intolerance. And when they all realise that there are slightly better paid jobs further north, we have the potential for yet further nastiness.

But surely from out of all that it can't be long before a truck bomber detonates his payload outside an EU building in Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Berlin, etc.

And then the franchise will start, a la Al Qaeda, so it quickly becomes a monthly spectacular repeat performance.

And what will Merkozy do then, I wonder?

Bring it on, and let me know where I can make a donation (that was donation, not detonation, of course).


Careful, 'SoD', even in jest truckloads of TNT are nothing to joke about. But read my post above for further wise words from your father which you will, of course, memorise and take to heart! (Sorry, didn't quite catch that . . .)

Wise men were universally agreed that there would be no war. In early 1914.

Hope springs eternal, DM.

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