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Friday, 23 December 2011


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No sweet breads? Or no sweetbreads? I think we should be told.

Oh bugger! Why can I never proof-check myself? Fancy a job, DM?

Duffers, here's your Xmas present. Do enjoy it.

I did, I did! Absolutely gorgeous - but they should take that monstrous organ out so that you can see the entire elegant space. The tracery ceiling is superb - nearly as good as Sherborne Abbey!!!

Thanks for that, I've forwarded it to some friends. You and Mrs DM enjoy a peaceful Christmas.

Well, here's ours. Ya'll got any three to compete?

Nice one, Duff.
And ignoring the pedants, I'm happy enough with sweetbreads.

The King's tour was amazing. Thanks so much for that.

Don't thank me, thank DM without whose pedantry this blog would be even more illiterate and ungrammatical.

Merry Christmas DD, and may God keep you and your safe and happy on His birthday.

Thanks for all the wisdom and corny, corny jokes in 2011 - we old reactionaries must stick together as the light fades due to poor eyesight (cornea and cornea) or the naff EU-mandated lightbulbs...

Blimey, NNW, you've obviously been at your Christmas crackers for some jokes. All the very best to you and yours in return.

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