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Tuesday, 20 December 2011


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The wee mince pies from Waitrose are superb. We'll sample some super-luxury ones from Aldi this arvo. Quite soon we'll have decided which ones to snap up in the Boxing Day sales.

Drinking coffee with a tot of rum when I saw that headline. I'll have to get some more now - coffee everywhere. Isn't it weird how it runs down your nose when you laugh?

Fortunately the better half is out of the room - I can clean and she'll never notice...

Bed rest is overdoing it. Providing you keep your feet up on the same level as your hips; and providing you have plenty of alcohol; flu responds very well to old videos on the telly. And the Memsahib will not have as far to walk to keep you topped up.

Get well soon!



I just hope you haven't got a little bell. An "ailing" man with a bell on hand could well end up in a hospital, and not from the malady.

Plenty of alcohol as prescribed above and don't pamper yourself.
Be a MAN!! Soldier on.

Thank you, chaps, I 'felt' your sympathy which is more than I can say about Andra! Honestly, these women just don't know how a chap suffers with the dreaded Man Flu but in my stoic suffering I like to think I am an example for Manhood! (God, how much longer do I have to wait for a mince pie and a cuppa, I ordered it ages ago?)

Wasn't it Jilly Cooper who said that the wonder of modern medicine is that it allows a woman with pneumonia to look after a man with a cold.......?

Celtess. Welcome.
Thank God you're here.
I've missed you.
Hang around.
You won't learn much but you might have some fun.

Total misrepresentation Andra. David's probably the most astute commentator on our political situation as anyone on that side of the pond.

David's influence cannot be ignored - aside from the tiniest contributions coming from this bank - only after astute analysis by David does any of that bank's bloggers dare pick up and run with it.

Just to refresh your memory, without David's assessment, your side of the pond wouldn't have a clue as to how fluid America's pole's are - Mitt and Ron seeming to've caught their second wind while Newt's going limp. And only one candidate seems to be the beneficiary of the David Duff fore, er, sight.

Get well soon David - America needs you. Guido isn't up to it:

JK: Kindly refresh my memory.
Exactly which poles are we looking at on my side of the pond?
I didn't even know I had a pond, let alone poles.
I have it on fairly good authority that Newt is limp more often than not.
Lot of that goin' around.

Er, polls got confused wading Guido's comments and spelled phonetically.

Simple enough for me - but as for you Andra, Really! you and your pals discuss Newt?

'Celtess', welcome to D&N but do not allow yourself to be influenced by Andra, er, she's (and I'm whispering now) Australian you know! Need I say more?

JK and Andra, get your wet Poles and the newt sorted out (what happened, did they fall in the Baltic?) and behave yourselves - I'm back!

JK: Wayne Newton we discuss.
He's definitely limp.

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