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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


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I thought this was interesting:

Across the board, Americans are getting pretty tired of big government.

Thanks, Dom, I saw mention of that poll somewhere else. I remain convinced Obama will be out by this time next year. However, my forecasting record is, um, less than brilliant!

Suggests, "mere ideology is not important in their political lives, or at least, as important as actually winning and holding power."

It would have been better rendered as having no bedrock ideology if it comes to deciding between these two - neither the DNC or Obama will need spend much on campaign attack ads.

It will not be either the Republicans or the Democrats who will, indeed must pinch their nostrils tight and pull the lever - it will be the non-affiliated Independents. And that choice will be made come the results of the South's "Super Tuesday."

If either of the two forementioned garner a majority - if you're to be wagering - place your bets on Obama.

Out on a limb here - the Senate will have the Dems with a slim 5-seat majority.

I agree that the independents will be hugely influential but from every poll I have seen they do not seem to like Obama too much! A relatively mild Republican should pick up most their vote.

As for the Senate I simply do not know enough of the detail but even if the Dems hold an ultra-slim majority, usually some of the Southern Dems are more Right-wing than the Republicans - DINOs rather than RINOs!

You are correct about the southern Dems of course, the saying in Arkansas is: "We want our candidates to run as Democrats but legislate like Republicans" - of course that held until 2010 - when running across open field country as a Republican didn't have goose hunters lining up crosshairs.

Had to check - "Super Tuesday" isn't so Southern monolithic as in the past. And I know damned well you'll like this sentence:

"On the other hand, if Romney gets off to a strong start in January’s opening round, then there might be pressure on the right to enlist former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to pick up the anti-establishment baton."

Interesting - even possible - but I think unlikely.

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