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Saturday, 10 December 2011


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Somefinks up. The reaction of Merkozy to Cameron's mild requests was so preposterous, even by a couple of pols worried about re-election, that an explanation is required - an explanation, if I may say so, Duffers, with a bit more weight than "They don't like us".

Anyway, we can wave them off as they put to sea in their Titanic. We await the future on our Lusitania.

You chide me, DM, and quite correctly, too, for being more than usually facile in offering an explanation for the actions of the 'Merkozies'. Alas, after a heavy night entertaining old friends to dinner, 'facile' is what you are going to get the morning after! However, I have just had a rehabilatory afternoon nap and thus refreshed I still cannot understand why they did what they did. They knew his back was against the wall at home and that just a small gesture would give him enough camouflage to return home with something, and yet they chose to give him nothing. Perhaps, like me, they judged that he was so spineless that, like other PMs before him, he would simply give in. In which case, both they and I were wrong. Hmmmn! Have we misjudged the man?

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