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Monday, 12 December 2011


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What greater contrast in political courage could one envisage in peace time than, on the one hand: a politician prepared to stand alone against the 26 heads of state of Europe, versus, on the other hand: two politicians, one of whom is not prepared to say what he would have done in the same circumstances, and the other not even prepared to face his own countrymen?

I suspect there is worse to come from the Lib-Dems and the opposition. Difficult times and tough choices - and they'll be coming thick and fast in 2012 and through the coalition's remaining term in office - is great for exposing cowards, so we can expect more politically self-destructive behaviour and outcomes from the Lib-Dem-Lab.

Maybe Cam would be best to milk the spineless coalition partner's and opposition's shameful buffoonery for as long as possible, accruing political capital and getting as much good stuff done as their credibility and influence declines?

And into the bargain, the majority he'll get will be bigger the greater the accumulation of Lib-Dem-Lab disgrace and shame.


I don't believe this. Clegg has said he wasn't there because he would "be a distraction".

Wtf is going on? He's the Deputy Prime Minister, for Christ's sake.

Even in this extraordinary statement he is proved wrong: he has been more of a distraction by *not* being there! How worthless can a politician be than if his absence is more noteworty than his presence!?


"Calm down, dear!"

"How worthless can a politician be than if his absence is more noteworty than his presence!?"

Oh I don't know Lawrence - worked quite well for us with Obama visiting the Australian lady.

JK, she's no lady. She's a leftie lawyer whose only previous employment was as a trade union official.

The LimpDumbs are only in this coalition farce because it's the first whiff they have had of power. Come another split parliament and the yellow ones will be off to their spiritual home and become the new Lab-Lib pact.

What we need is a government, for good or ill, of one colour (I'd prefer it not to be red, however) and leave this coalition poo to the Europeans where it gives entertainment value. My recommendation is for Cameron's lot to set up the final of "Britain's got X-factor get me out of here talent" on a Thursday evening with free beer at pubs in liebore strongholds and we will never see another marxist-leaning vote again.

Oh, if only...

Hello, 'GL', and welcome to D&N. I think it's all over for the il-Lib-non-Dems. Last night they abstained from a motion conratulating Dave and yet they remain like limpets clinging to their places in the government. They make the Monster-Raving-Loony party look sensible and principled!

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