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Thursday, 15 December 2011


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Well now. Strange to say I agree totally with Ann's assessment of Newtie.

When comes time for The Southern Baptist Convention - I'd best explain for the benefit of y'all foreigners - the SBC is when all the Republican Wannabees line up to get re-baptized. Anyway, I reckon those good Baptists (especially those of the "Deepwater" variety) will add this with Ann's:

It's one thing to pledge before Iowayan Church groups, quite another at the SBC.

Still - I worry that poor Romney fellow might be "perhaps unfairly" be spoken of in the same sentence as 'Mountain Meadows'.

I hardly dare ask, JK, but who or what is "Mountain Meadows"?

Probably quite close to Mountain Head but not near Mount Pleasant.

I am inclined to agree with JK that naming Romnney in the same sentance with Mountain Meadows is unfair

And I am very unexcited about Romnney.

What a hypocritical swine that Gingrich is.
Surely he must be running out of women who would agree to have affairs with him.
I can't see any appeal there at all and I certainly wouldn't vote for the creep.

Ain't this internet-thingie just the best invention since sliced bread? I had never heard of the Mountain Meadows massacre before. What an incredible story - and why hasn't Hollywood been on to it?

A movie called "September Dawn" about the massacre was made in Calgary in 2005.

and here

Thanks, Jackson, obviously I missed that one. And also obviously it is not a tale often told in the USA for all sorts of reasons. Hey-ho, all families have a skeleton or three in their cupboards!

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