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Sunday, 18 December 2011


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I agree about Cabaret; Gigi I have no opinion on because I've never seen it: I'll give it a go. My Fair Lady is pretty bloody good, and I rather like Guys and Dolls.

High Society's not bad either. Jungle Book is terrific. Even Mary Poppins has merit.

When I was young, at my father's urging I watched some Astaire and Rogers. Also PBG. (He used to romance on about having seen Fred and Adele on the West End stage, decades after it happened.)

How many good'uns have I forgotten? West Side Story worth a mensh?

I watched Gigi a few years ago, and thought it very good indeed. I know many people (working as I do in the public sector) who would consider it to be worse than child pornography, containing as it does the song "Thank heaven...". So I watched it with one eye on the door, waiting for the thought police to come with sledgehammers.

Is my recollection correct in that although it does indeed deal with the "virgin market", the heroine makes the choice of true romantic love over the cynical exploitation of an older "sugar daddy"? I remember my moral faculties being engaged more than any sense of outrage or prurience...

As for Cabaret, I had read Isherwood years before, and it doesn't come close, unfortunately. The man was a genius, and film cannot do his writing justice.

Some grist for the mill in choosing favorite Hollywood musicals. These are more my era. (Well they were on telly a lot when I were a lad. I'm old, but not that old.)

Yes, "Guys and Dolls" is good. Would have been better without Mr Brando but the music is wonderful.
What about "South Pacific" - now outdated and mawkish perhaps, but the music, the music!

"L'il Abner". Anybody see that one? Terrific music.
"Oklahoma", "The King & I", "Fiddler on the Roof" etc. etc.

Saw a great NEW one in Cairns last year, written by a local solicitor, of all people.
"Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", featuring American jazz by a group of that name. Superb.

A cast of 60 odd local dancers and singers, our Cairns amateur choral society. They never put on a bad show.

In fact, next month I am taking the 6-year old granddaughter to see their new production of "The Producers".
Hums .... "Springtime for Hitler in Germany".
Oh, I can't wait.

There's good music all around.... thank the gods.

Come on, DM, time to choose, man! 'Jungle Book' does not quite qualify as a musical in my mind. 'West Side Story' is terrific but I never believed in the leading man. Please let me know what you think of 'Gigi'.

'W', yes, there are some ticklish moments in 'Gigi' but of course it was based on a story by Colette who was not exactly the leader of her local church choir! But, please, 'W', do see 'Cabaret', an example of a film being infinitely better than the stage version. I don't know how faithfully it sticks to Isherwood but from the little I know of him I suspect that he would have approved. Money back if you don't like it!

Ah, Kevin, what a montage - thank you, I enjoyed it immensely.

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