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Friday, 23 December 2011


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So, let me get this straight.
You are mowing the church grass just in case........
Clever ruse, Duff.
That'll trick 'em.
Merry Christmas, you old curmudgeon.
Jeez, that's a great word.
I have to settle for Dragon Lady.

"You are mowing the church grass just in case........"

Absolutely! When you have been wrong about as many things as I have it's always worth betting each way!

Many thanks for the wise and heartening post. The virtual tour of Kings is, in my book, better than the real thing. My son started at Cambridge this year, and I was greatly looking forward to evensong in Kings. I was probably expecting some transcendental experience with the choir singing Tallis and the minister making some clever parallels between the glory of God and the sublime architecture around us. Instead, what we got was a crush of noisy German and American tourists who chatted through the whole service. The interior was so gloomy that we could barely see the hymn-book, let alone the fan-vaulting. And the world famous choir were on holiday and we had to put up with a substitute!

I'm sure this says something about the perils of too much anticipation. A beautiful and consoling quote from Oldenburg:

"Look for beauty where it is not supposed to be found".

"Look for beauty where it is not supposed to be found".

A thought I keep recommending to the 'Memsahib'!

But what a disappointment to you. Never mind, 'W', enjoy a splendid Christmas.

As I get older, I seem to be returning to the Catholic agnosticism of my youth. That is, although I don't know the face of God and don't believe you do either as Huxley put it, I find the spirituality of the old Christmas carols, particularly those in Latin, refreshing at this time of year.

So Happy Christmas DD and rejoice, rejoice.

Thanks, Kevin, especially for the link.

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