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Saturday, 31 December 2011


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The most revealing comment (present company excepted) that I've seen about the film is Heseltine's complaint that the actor playing him has got the details of his hairdo wrong. Such were the twerps she had to deal with.

Ah, yes, Heseltine, the Patron Saint of Scousers, upon whom he bestowed my money! Bastard!

(Two quick questions, DM. Do you know why Deogolwulf retired? And second, did you or Mrs. DM ever try those Alan Furst books?)

By any chance did you enlist the services of our good Andra prior to the meeting of the managers in which the "Austerity Program" was adopted?

I only ask because I know how steep Andra's fees are. Mind, worth every penny but.

i) No, but I much regret it.
ii) Sorry, my attempts to interest her in your recommendations have so far been unavailing. If you keep popping them up, I'll keep passing them on.

JK, my adice is - be careful, be very, very careful, a displeased Andra is not to be contemplated.

DM, likewise with regard to Deogolwulf. I keep cliciking on just incase.
As for Mrs DM's refusal to contemplate my recommendations, I am a shocked, shocked, I tell you!

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