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Saturday, 17 December 2011


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You underestimate yourself David. Your chatty, witty self-deprecating style is far more readable than the vast majority of professional journalists manage and your interests are wider too. The Guardian churns out turgid, misleading drivel that doesn't even entertain. It deserves to go under.

Maybe we'll just move on to internet news media sustained by advertising and maybe subscription.

DD, there was me thinking that the similarity between your content and that of our major intellectual commentariat was due to them lifting it from D&N!

I quite like some aspects of the Guardian. Lots of it is complete knee-jerk rubbish, but some of the writing is quite amusing. CiF was fantastic, but that was before I got banned (or "pre-moderated", as the hypocritical illiberal tossers call it!!)and without me, it's just not the same....

I cheered when the News of the World went. But on reflection, I shouldn't have done. Every newspaper increases our chance of freedom, even if it is not immediately obvious at the time. Good luck to the Guardianistas, hypocritical rich privileged misguided naive bossy shits though they undoubtedly are.

Did you see that the Guardian story that brought down the News of the Screws - that some bastard had hacked into Milly Dowler's phone and deleted messages - has turned out to be false?

AK, thanks for your kind words, as it happens there is a vacancy for the job of being my agent, the pay's crap, and the boss is crappier but look upon it as a challenge!

'W', it always made me snort with derision that a so-called 'liberal' newspaper blog censored its readers' comments.

DM, yes, I saw that and I also saw the blustering prat who originally broke the story.

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