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Wednesday, 21 December 2011


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It doesn't bode well for the 3rd series!

I know, Martin, but I will keep my fingers crossed. I gather in the next one Lund gets involved with the finance sector. I just hope they know a bit more about city dealers than they did about the army.

Even Downton Abbey went downhill in the second series. Still, the papers say that the Christmas Special is good stuff. Though, apart from Morecambe and Wise, I don't think I've ever seen a decent Christmas Special.

Hi David. I was very disappointed by the second series of The Killing which I watched after having seen the American version of the first series and all the critics saying how superior the Danish version was. Like you mention, some of the Army scenes stretched credibility and I felt that the last 2 episodes, especially the going to Afghanistan escapade, cheated me of 10 hours of my life. I thought that the actual ending was a complete farce, done in a poor B movie style, and could see it coming a mile off. I'll still watch the 3rd series though!!

I just couldn't get on with 'Downton Abbey', DM, not a patch on 'Upstairs Downstairs' but I admit I am relying on my memory (oh dear!) Anyway, I shall be out-voted this Christmas, just like every Christmas, really.

Martin, welcome to D&N. Yes, it was a huge disappointment but, like you, I will be watching series III, or at least, the first few episodes.

I love the very end. No more to say.

Oh, come on, Hugin, is that irony or did I miss something?

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