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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


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The Wiki guys called and told me they needed some help. Just a little "cleaning-up" they said.

Pressed for time I replied, "Can't myself but I know a limerick-ridden gasbag from the UK, would that be acceptable?"

Uh, David? You're carrying an ad for Alan Grayson? Did you know how hard it was to get this guy OUT of office?

I didn't know Cohen was British. I always assumed he was American. That makes his gaffe ("with a little help from the Yanks") that much more unforgivable.

From the Wiki gurs, JK:

"The first Eagle Squadron (No. 71) was formed in September 1940,[1] and became operational for defensive duties on 5 February 1941"

Splendid fellows, all of them, and some time ago I wrote a eulogy in their honour but the squadrons did not take part in the B of B.

Dom, really? Sorry about that. What the hell was he advertsing? Whatever, personally I prefer the Oriental Single ladies!

Noted at the time. As well as the Navy Yanks.

Only reason I've persuaded myself to think there's hope for you despite SoD, Andra and the "good folk" at hemDeltorrhoids pretty(?) good reasons to doubt - I'm figuring this blog is the best place to form reasonable doubts when tempted to wager actual money.

And "Gosh & Golly" - D&N has, with far as I can tell, been as good a barometer as any Arkie politician.

When Clinton said "Down Girl" I bet up. When Huckabee said, "I'm rising!" I bet down.

I'm just happy we didn't make our wagers in Euro-denominated stuff - way I look at it, we both won. I just hope SoD enjoys a "decrepit and dribbling" clause.

Everybody would then be a winner. SoD might not realize it, but the US has what's known as the NBA.

JK - you're taking my name in vain again.

Upwind of the stills, man, upwind.

It's no good, Andra, he just loves steppin' out doors and fillin' his lungs - well, it's cheaper than drinking the stuff!!

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