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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


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"So why, I have been asking myself, do the 'Trot-lot' continue against all available evidence before their eyes to fester in a visceral hatred of 'that woman' which almost amounts to a phobia!"

I think the answer is a rhtorical question I have seen in expressed in many ways. If Lady Thather's policies worked why do we need Socialism?

Well, Hank, I suppose it can be a useful hobby for teenagers but the trouble is they don't always give it up when they grow up!

In my humble opinion they hate Lady Thatcher precisely because of the positive effects of her policies (just as Mr Reagan is still vilified by leftists in America), as such she showed that the policies of the right.. were right.

As to how they can ignore the plainly evident facts - are you serious? When have socialist/marxist/progressive (or whatever they are calling themselves today) ever given two hoots about facts? They live perpetually in a world of ideologically pure dreams (fueled by rainbows and unicorn farts), inconvenient evidence and facts are ignored as they rewrite history to fit their wishes - in other words they are all narcissistic personalities.

Able, welcome to D&N and for your excellent phrase "rainbows and unicorn farts" you are hereby doubly welcomed!

Speaking of coincidence for some odd reason I didn't begin my day as is usual - that being beginning my daily blog-reads here in these esteemed pages of D&N rather I meandered. (I suppose it was only because I've just returned from travelling.)

Anyway, should the "Trot-lot" disremember why the lady is deserving, how's about a "Blast From the Past."

JK, you will cease this practice of "meandering" immediately - and that's an order! You will always, but always, begin your day here at D&N without which you will lack the guidance necessary to a long and healthy life!

And my Best Wishes to you and yours for 2012.

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