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Saturday, 31 December 2011


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Absolutely. I agree, boring is good because it means things are actually working, ticking along nicely just as they should. How rare and delightful would that be! BBB - Bring Back Boring.

Happy New Year David.

For my part, I will be content with the usual unhappiness. So, if it's all right with you, that's my wish for 2012.

Any way, my best greetings. I know I'll have many reasons to keep coming here, so the year will not be that bad.

Health to all Duffs through 2012

Kind regards

Have I already shared with you my deep insight that after a certain age life is all about love and laxatives?

DM, I thought it was more about naps and nappies!

David, many thanks.

Ortega, you are now promoted to TV critic of D&N!


Happy New Year, DD, I will do my best to be as bored as possible!

Stick around here, 'W', I think we can guarantee satisfaction!

Happy New Year to y'all too - be sure to get your black-eyed peas (according to Arkansas statute black-eyed peas are mandatory as the first course after midnight. Functional too - makes barfing on the sidewalks less strenuous).

Happy New Year to a person from Mississippi who might land on these D&N mutterings/grumblings. (One mustn't judge on accounts of the company another is keeping.)


Happy new year to you and yours.

Always remember, every day above ground is a good day.

As always, JK, you remain as oblique as ever - "a person from Mississippi" - who he? she?

Thanks, Hank, and likewise.

Andra, I shall cling to that thought!

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