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Thursday, 22 December 2011


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Crikey - if this doesn't get Chris Huhne to piss off the the US, nothing will.

AKH - You are probably right about Huhne being excited by this. Especially as he inclines towards the less glamorous side of the sorority. He can't make any move towards the States, however, because by the time his papers are ready he may well, please God, be a convicted criminal!!

Dammit,'W', I was just thinking after AK's comment that we could sell him to the USN to, er, straighten out their crews.

JK's photos are not for publication.

Might very well explain the "any port in a storm".

Where is 'JK'? Never here when you need him!

Hello, Jackson, welome to D&N, and of course you have quoted the sailor's motto.

Never fear, Duff.
JK is lurking somewhere near, at all times, protecting the world from all foes.

Had a bit of impediment getting to the party. Apologies all round.

Unfortunately for me, my "active time" occurred prior to the female type sailor being allowed to uhm, serve on any vessel that had even the slightest chance of encountering anything resembling "hostile action." Quite the largishmost time I spent on active was on just such ships.

As to "the whys" of my enlisting - family tradition. Well that and having some extremely limited contacts with civilian law enforcement types which suggested the timing of my being very far away for an extended interval was probably for the best.

I do have some fond remembrances of a few female sailors - but the few I knew (as far as I knew) were extremely hetero - one LtCmdr. particularly. Since the last time I heard from her was a Christmas card bearing a return address which I know to be the Pentagon... well I hope you understand why no pictures. Delightful company she was though.

But I'll just offer what I expect might be a good recruiting tool these days, given the close-quarters of a ship - should a male sailor make a certain request - the chances of him receiving a mere Rolex are very likely reduced.

Heck - if they'll have me - I may well re-enlist.

I note David's observing "the sailor's motto" Jackson - I'd just note too, that particular phrase comes from a Brit source in that most esteemed tradition of not Shakespeare's Fanny Hill.

True - back in my times there were a few sailors who seemed somewhat, oh nevermind. Can't seem to locate any reliable references in the USN's records... le'see... well, how's 'bout the Royal Navy?

Too much information, JK.

No pictures though.

Thank god for that.
I'll wait for your memoirs to be published.
Just kidding.

Actually Andra, since David included this opening of the post: "In fact, I have been meaning to ask my e-pal, JK, who spent a considerable part of his life in the US navy, what made him join up. However, this photo, courtesy of The Daily Telegraph, makes things a little clearer."

I thought I might take my own little slice of David's jib.

Somewhile back during the debates concerning America's repealing the old DADT David posted another of his "gems" opining something like this, 'I think it perhaps alright and fine homosexuals serve in the supply units but not in units of the line."

Actually, I think David's actual phrase was "units in the rear" but I was more than a little uncomfortable with that personally. However there was something of method (unlike David's usual deft characterizations unfortunately).

Coming at me athwartships and out of the fog, Lord of the Sea Jelli..., er, Duff, for some time (strategically using the difference between GMT and CST) took the wind from my sails leaving my deck scrambling for order. As any good Admiral finding his helm unhelpful the only thing left was "turn the tables" and switch from my ships to his ships.

Using the military as a means of changing general society has to some extent, been highly successful, and probably the equivalent of a swivel gun. But that link I employed has you must admit - a fairly useful ending. Enough I hoped, that Admiral Duff's ballast under speed - must surely shift.

Note from that link's final paragraph, "After that, until legalization in 1967, the act was punishable by ten years to life."

I'd simply ask, How's the Royal Navy's Fleet doing now?

We don't have a fleet any more, JK, but we do have a plethora of admirals, all hanging around waiting for something to do. Feel free to help yourself!

Please, don't mention your plethora of admirals - we've so many now ourselves, our leaders have taken to creating command billets set to sail from the White House.

Pass the news David, AK & W concerned with your Mr. Huhne - again the Americans to the rescue!

What now?

Good thing we've got a good hearted Republican on the scene - just hope he's not totally focusing on lesbians. (For the present anyway.)

Looks like a fine fellow to send to the fleet - perhaps there is after all - some way to save the American fleet from going where your's did.

A wanker by any other name is, um, a sperm-donor!

Still, it looks as though the earth moved for him!

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