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Thursday, 15 December 2011


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This is worrying. Given that he was accused of paying for jobs that didn't exist, does this mean that Cameron can be charged over Clegg's post?

Oh, 'W', do I ever love that one!

suffers with memory lapses

Also known as the Saunders defence, although following his acquittal in the Guinness/Distillers trial farce lucky Ernest became the first known case of miraculous improvement from a diagnosis of Alzheimers.

And the odds on this happening for cher Jaques have just been slashed at Paddy Power.

Kind regards

Hello, David, and you're spot on. I never understood why Saunders didn't market that 'wonder cure'!

A 2 year suspended sentence - that'll show 'em.

Ken Clarke must like Europe enough to have done some moonlighting for the French judiciary.


Devil's Island for you , my son!

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