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Monday, 12 December 2011


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It might not be too far off here. I heard that a colleague at work is very happy that he has managed to get his hands on 17 ounces of gold. And I have starting-blocks at the front door so I can be first in the queue to pay off the mortgage with ISAs and shares. With on-line banking, of course, you don't even have to stand in the cold and listen to the neurotic chatter of other panicking disinvestors.

That's true, 'W', but where the hell do you switch it to that's safe these days?

Don't Latvians have oodles and boodles of reindeer?

Don't forget, Santa's putting the final touches on the naughty and nice list - reindeer look good in the short term.


It is the Lapps in Finland who have oodles and boodles of reindeer. I got a problem. I heat with gas, what am I going to do with the lump of coal Santa has for me?

Hank, put it in a sock and use it as a weapon when the peasants revolt.

"That's true, 'W', but where the hell do you switch it to that's safe these days?"

Well, if I knew that...

In my case, I still have some mortgage to pay off, and so it will make sense to pay for the bricks and mortar and forgo the savings and extra income. Beyond that, I think it is best to reconcile oneself to frugality so that if the worst happens, one can retain some equanimity.

Hank - a lump of coal?

On Saturday in the local "Christmas Market" there was a stall selling sculptures made from carved coal. At around £15 a lump. My first thought was "There's some serious added value!". And the second thought was "What recession?!".

I posted our mortgage cheque on Saturday. The money had been sitting in cash in a stockbroker's account: the MF Global fiasco in the US persuaded me that that was not a good idea.

Good thinking, DM, but now, can I interest you in some Eurobonds, one careful owner, hardly used, very reliable . . .?

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